The Ultimate Baby Wardrobe: H&M Baby Fashion

27th January 2017

I love shopping at H&M for myself. They have on trend fashion as well as your every day fashion, so you can mix and match to create your own style and all for a good price. When we reached the inevitable day when Grayson’s 6-9 month clothes became a wee bit snug, my first port of call was H&M. Up to this point I had been dressing Grayson mostly in baby grows with the odd little outfit such as jeans and a little jumper, but I found it much easier just to put a baby grow on him and off we go. However I have been seeing a lot of stylish babies recently, all wearing cute little legging type trousers in an array of colours and patterns, I just had to get Grayson some. It is mad, I get more excited about buying him clothes than I do for myself.

So I logged on to H&M and there they were, all these cute little trousers, so I put about 6 pairs into my basket. I obviously then had to buy tops to go with his trousers, I went a little mad initially, there is so much to choose from. It took me about an hour to narrow down my basket to enough trousers and tops so he had an outfit for each day.

Here are the clothes I got for Grayson, but there is so much more I could buy for him also:

What I love about the little legging trousers is they look a lot more comfortable on him than jeans. He still has chubby little thighs, so when he is sat, jeans look a bit rigid and tight, but with these leggings they stretch for his comfort.

I cant wait to shop again to add more cute things to his wardrobe.

This is what else I want to buy him:

What I love about H&Ms range is that it isn’t all blue, the clothes are like little man clothes. I ordered his sleep suites and vests from George at Asda. I use George as you get a lot for your money. The rate Grayson is growing this is the ideal option.



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  • Reply Emma 3rd March 2017 at 6:19 pm

    Those clothes are so cute!! It is about the only age that tracksuit bottoms look adorable, so keep him comfy 🙂 I agree that it is nice to see stylish clothes for babies rather than the pastel blues that used to be around.

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