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I’m Back!!!!

12th December 2016

So…… it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, quite a lot has happened in the last few months. Baby G has finally arrived, hurrah!!! After a long labour, I gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy. I always knew in my heart I was going to have a boy, but it was a wonderful moment when Gibel announced the gender to me.

My labour didn’t go as planned in the end. It started off fairly straight forward, apart from not making any progress beyond 2cm’s dilated in 24 hours. However once my waters broke at 17:30 the following day, I was on my way to the hospital by 19:00; things progressed quickly. I headed straight to the midwife led unit as planned, which felt peaceful and relaxing; well as relaxing as it can be when you are in labour. I used he birthing pool as pain relief. I was amazed by the power of warm water for my labour pains; it really did work. Unfortunately my temperature kept spiking whilst in the pool. The midwife persisted in getting me out of the pool and cooling me down, then allowing me to get back in once my temperature reduced. However my temperature didn’t remain stable so I was transferred to the delivery suite. I remember being met by a team of doctors and midwives ready to assess the situation and make a decision on how they were going to treat Baby G and I. After many tests and continuous monitoring, it was decided they were going to transfer me to theatre and either perform a forceps delivery or C-section. Once I was transferred to the theatre they administered a spinal block, which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! When you have been in labour for 50 hours without any pain relief other than the birthing pool, it was so wonderful to feel the relief of feeling absolutely nothing. I didn’t realise how intense the labour had been until I couldn’t feel anything. I was back to my old self chatting away, feeling excited and relieved that our baby was finally coming into the world. It was incredible to see first hand the team of surgeons, doctors, anesthetists, midwives and nurses all working seamlessly and efficiently in order to bring our baby into the world, in the safest possible way. In the end they performed an emergency c-section as Baby G was laid back to back and so I wouldn’t have been able to deliver him quick enough for him to arrive safely.

When Baby G was finally delivered, it felt like an age that we were waiting to hear his cry. But when it came the relief was immense. Baby G arrived safe and well, weighing a healthy 8lbs exactly.

When I was handed him, I didn’t get the sudden rush of love that you would expect. I was very happy to be holding him and I thought he was absolutely gorgeous. As time has gone by my love for him has grown and grown. You have no concept of how much you can love until you have your own child. In the early days I would cry because I loved him so much (this may have also been due to my hormones being all over the place). Now I just feel like I could scream and laugh all at once with how much I love him.

The past few months have been filled with amazing highs and frustrating lows. Beautiful moments filled with smiles and endless chatter, but tearful times with the trials and tribulations of breast feeding and trying to settle him to sleep. Being a new mum and learning how to look after your baby is basically a process of trial and error. You have to think on your feet to work out what is wrong with them and what they may want. To make the whole process harder, what worked yesterday wont necessarily work tomorrow. However there have been a few saving graces through this whole process:

Sleep: Baby G would rarely sleep if he was put down. If he did stay asleep for any period of time, we would try and replicate what we did for the next nap, but it wouldn’t work. My sister introduced me to the Woombie. She said her friends used it on their baby who slept through the night. A Woombie is a form of swaddling, but it is so much easier than using the blankets. It is almost like a sleeping bag, which fits them very snuggly in order to reduce the movement of their arms so they don’t wake when they startle. Baby G didn’t take to it straight away, but by the time he was 4 weeks old he was in his Woombie for every nap and he would sleep for ages!!

Wind: Baby G is a very windy boy, he can fart for England! In the early days he couldn’t expel his wind quite as effectively as he does now, so we used Infacol before each feed. This really helped his tummy and to bring up any burps after feeding. I will warn you though, the burps can be huge; like they have drunk about 10 pints.

Bottle feeding: I really struggled with breast feeding, it became unbearable in the end. When I moved over to bottle feeding, everything became better. Baby G became a lot more settled, I started to gain more energy and I enjoyed my time with Baby G much more.

Family and friends: Without friends and family to talk to or just to make you a cup of tea, handling the crazy transition of becoming a new parent would have been impossible.

Becoming a new mum is such a rollercoaster ride, filled with so many highs and lows and many tears, but it really is all worth it!

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    You are such a good mum!! You could have taught me a thing or two that I wished I had figured out like you did xxx

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