Baby G’s 20 Week Scan

15th March 2016

Wow what a wonderful day it has been! Today we had our 20 week scan. It was such a delight to see our baby on the screen, wriggling around like a lively little bean. During the 20 week scan they check the abdomen to make sure your baby is developing how they should be and all organs are in working order. You get to see everything from their tiny little hands and feet to their pumping heart, it is AMAZING!

If like me you aren’t sure if you have felt your baby move yet, you will definitely feel them during the scan. Baby G was wriggling around like crazy. I wasn’t sure if I had felt Baby G as everyone was telling me it felt like a butterfly when your baby moves. Well that certainly wasn’t what I was feeling! What I feel are like little twinges and a wiggly feeling inside my tummy.

Our little baby is already being a little tinker. When it came to checking their spine and neck, Baby G was causing some problems, they were so adamant they weren’t rolling over on to their tummy to allow the sonographer to carry out her checks we have had to plan a return check up! Strong willed already, oh dear!

I would love to hear about your 20 week scans, to see if your baby was being a little tinker like Baby G! Comment below and I will respond as soon as I can.

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