25 Weeks and Growing by the Minute

27th April 2016

This week has been very baby focused. On Friday I had my 25 week midwife appointment. The main purpose of this appointment, other than checking yours and your baby’s health, is to issue you with your MATB1 form. This is very important as your employer requires the form in order to verify your pregnancy and to allow you to book your maternity leave. As soon as I got my MATB1 I completed my maternity leave request and I am counting down the weeks.

2016-04-17 10.51.20

Baby G has started to move a lot more as time has gone on, I am now starting to see a pattern in their movements. I have started to be woken up at the break of dawn with little kicks, they then go quiet until after I have eaten my breakfast. They will have a little sleep until mid morning and wake up for a little wriggle around when they will sleep again until after I have eaten my lunch (I am starting to sense they like their food :-)) I then feel them again in the evening when I am relaxed. Baby G is quite active in the evening until I sleep.

2016-04-17 16.27.53

On Saturday we went to a nursery open day! Crazy I know! Trying to choose where your baby will spend their time whilst your at work is very hard when you don’t even know your baby, it also makes the whole situation very real. I felt a pang of sadness, I was already having the mothers yearning that I don’t want to leave my baby and go to work. I do agree with the view that going to nursery is good for a baby’s development and social skills, so I will pull it together and find them the best place possible. We visited Mama Bears Nursery in Downend, Bristol. It was a lovely little nursery with rooms and activities specific for each age group. They had a lovely outdoor space where they grow vegetables, and have mud kitchens and sand pits. I loved the fact that the children could just get stuck into playing and get as dirty as they wanted to. The nursery also takes the children out on day trips to the zoo, park and library, which I thought was brave but a wonderful opportunity for the children.

2016-04-17 15.42.25

2016-04-17 15.35.29

On Sunday we carried on with our exploration of Bristol enjoying our free time at home. It was a beautiful sunny day, it almost felt like spring had arrived. We met some friends at The Pump House, a lovely little pub right on the water front. Sitting outside we could hear the distant drum beat from the dragon boat race taking place further down the river, the beer garden was packed full of people making the most of the sunshine. We finished our drinks and headed for a walk along the waterfront. We admired the array of modern waterside apartments daydreaming about living so close to the water, and gazed at the way the sun dazzled on the water.

2016-04-17 16.59.03

On a quest to find some delicious food to satisfy those hunger pangs (pangs that I now get in abundance), we stumbled across Spitfire Barbecue an american style BBQ restaurant. We sat outside in the sun with the wonderful smells of food all around us, our mouths watering at other peoples orders. In the excitement of all the choice on the menu, we ordered far too much. We indulged on St Louis ribs, chips a pickle pot and pork rashers. As the Americans, Spitfire Barbecue don’t scrimp on their portions. We soon realised our eyes were far bigger than our bellies and requested a doggy bag and headed up the hill home. A perfect way to end the perfect weekend!

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